Green guide for your sustainable marketing

Stories, tips, hacks, best practices, expert insights, and informative interviews on the topics of green marketing, sustainability communication and marketing, meaningful brands, purpose-driven influencers and much more await you in the big DMEXCO green guide for your sustainable marketing.

We explore the following key questions and topics in our green guide:

  • Green marketing: what does it mean, who can benefit from it, and how does it pay off?
  • What are the 3 common green marketing strategies?
  • Cause-related marketing: why is it often associated with greenwashing?
  • How are cause-related marketing (CRM) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) linked?
  • Ecosia as a role model: the tree-planting search engine
  • Is sustainable marketing already a must?
  • How important is sustainability communication for your employer branding?
  • Meaningful brands: what is your true brand value?
  • What is the Meaningful Brand Index?
  • Purpose-driven influencers: how you can leverage the sustainability trend as a marketer

Tips, best practices, and to-do lists:

  • 4 best practices for your green marketing: what you need to know
  • 4 tips for your cause-related marketing
  • 6 tips for your sustainable marketing
  • 5 pillars for your sustainability communication
  • 7 commandments for making your brand valuable on a lasting basis
  • 8 common greenwashing tricks: how to spot them

Interviews with:

  • Hannah Wickes, Chief Marketing Officer at Ecosia
  • Marius Hasenheit, partner in sustentio GmbH, a Berlin-based agency for sustainability communication
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