Guide for your application


Submissions are only possible for exhibitors. If you're still in the decision process or have not yet received confirmation, please note this in your submission.



Important ❗

  • Diversity: DMEXCO highly appreciates the developments on diversity and we are especially interested in submissions that take this into account.
  • English language: Please note that Keynotes, Fireside Chats, Panels and Presentations are only possible in English language! Submissions in English will ensure your session a wider coverage.
  • Unique topic: Think of an unique theme and possibilities to make your session exciting for the participants, so they will have a wide choice.

General information:

1. Your topic MUST relate to digital!

2. Keep it short and simple

Title (max. 100 characters incl. spaces): Provide clear information about session content & learnings. IMPORTANT: Based on your title, visitors decide whether your presentation is interesting for them or not.

Session description (max. 700 characters incl. spaces): Please describe the main topics of your session as briefly and concisely as possible, to create a good insight into the topics of the session. E.g. mark the three key takeaways in bullet points. The more detailed you describe your presentation, the more visitors and journalists will be interested in your session.
Possible questions that can help you with the creation:
What message do you want to convey, what are the most important keywords of your presentation?
Which part of your presentation has a special news value?
Is there an outstanding thesis of your presentation?

3. Speaker's information

Don't include speaker names and biographies in your session description. Speakers are queried in a separate field and will be displayed with a photo in the conference program.

Please note that a separate email address must be provided for each speaker/person, otherwise the email address for different profiles will overlap and thus no separate profiles can be generated in the digital event platform.

4. Language

Keynotes, Fireside Chats, Panels and Presentations are only possible in English language! Masterclasses, Lectures, Summits and Start-up Pitches can be present in English or German.

Nevertheless we recommend you to submit your presentation in English as this ensures a wider coverage due to approx. 50% international participants. If you want to present in English, please choose an English title and description. For a German presentation, we request a German title and description.

5. Number of submissions

Please only submit the sessions you have registered for, other submissions cannot be considered.

6. Comprehensibility

Temptation is strong to underscore competence using specific jargon. Make sure your target group understands you easily so they can decide quickly whether to visit your session or not.

Mandatory information for Masterclasses

The following information must be included in the title and description of your application:

  • Session content
  • Target group (title must indicate who your session is aimed at)
  • Learnings for your target group
ATTENTION: Pure sales pitches are not permitted!
Practical relevance 

Choose a topic that allows your participants to immediately recognize on how they can integrate it in their own professional routine. It's about inspiration for the everyday work life! Technical data, detailed feature descriptions, etc. should not be included in the description and only to a limited extent in the session.

After a session has been approved, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Please note: You will receive a notification of acceptance or rejection.

We are happy that you are interested in being part of DMEXCO 2024 and are looking forward to your submission!