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Guide for your application



We are very happy that you want to be part of DMEXCO 2019!

This guide is designed to support you in your application and show you what is important to us with regard to your application and session.

This offer is only for exhibitors and co-exhibitors. If you are still in the process of negotiating your stand or have not yet received confirmation for your stand, please note this at the beginning of your topic submission.


General (applies to all formats):

1. Your topic MUST relate to digital!

2. Keep it short an simple.

Title (up to 100 characters incl. spaces) should provide clear information about contents & learnings. IMPORTANT: The title is the “door” to your session. It's the first thing potential visitors see and how they judge whether it's interesting for them or not

Description of the session (up to 700 characters incl. spaces): Please also describe the main topics of your session as briefly and concisely as possible, e.g. in the form of an agenda.

3. Practical relevance:

Choose a topic that allows your participants to immediately recognize how they can integrate it in their own professional lives. It's about inspiration for everyday work life: technical data, the most detailed descriptions of features, etc. do not belong in the description and only to a limited extent in sessions. You can provide such information subsequently in talks or a presentation if required.

4. Names/biographies of the speakers:

Please do not  include the names and biographies of your speakers in the description of contents:

  • Speakers are queried in a separate field.
  • Starting this year, you will have a special opportunity to integrate biographies and photos in the program.

5. Comprehensibility:

The temptation is great to underscore competence using very specific jargon. Therefore, make sure your target group understands you easily so that they can decide quickly whether they want to visit your session or not.

6. Final check:

Is everything completed? If so, go over your application again and ask yourself (or an uninvolved colleague) the question: "Does my title and description make it clear at first glance what content should be conveyed, who my target group is and what they can learn?”
If the answer is yes, your application is ready for submission.

7Number of submissions

Several submissions can be made. However, as we want to give as many companies as possible a chance, you may not be accepted for more than one topic.

8. Language

You can give your speech in German or English. If you want to give it in English, please write the title and description in English as well. For a German presentation, we request a German title and description.

Speakers Forum

Mandatory information

The following information must be included in the title and description of your application:


Seminars & WorkLabs

  • Content of the seminar
  • Target group (the title must clearly indicate who your session is aimed at)
  • Learnings for your target group
ATTENTION: Pure sales pitches are not permitted in the sessions.
After a session has been approved, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Demo Arena

  • Product and/or service description as well as company
  • What is innovative about your product/service? (The product should be innovative and/or new for the participants, even if it has been known internally for a long time.)
  • Target audience


Cancellation of a session

  • In the first week of July, you will receive notification of acceptance or rejection.
  • You must then again confirm our acceptance.
  • As soon as a session has been confirmed by both sides, cancellation is no longer possible. However, if we find a replacement, we will only charge a fee of 25% of the booked service value.

We look forward to receiving your applications starting April 24 via the following link: