Attitude in the digital economy – the DMEXCO report on this topical issue

Against the backdrop of current crises such as the coronavirus pandemic and growing societal challenges, the topic of attitude in the digital economy is gaining traction. Inspired by our #AttitudeMatters motto for DMEXCO @home on September 23 and 24, an open and lively discussion about issues related to attitude has emerged over recent months, and we want to underpin this with a broader, empirical foundation in the form of our newly released DMEXCO report – serving as a kind of industry barometer.

How is attitude interpreted and practiced in the digital economy? What impact does attitude have on the profitability of companies? What challenges does the industry face and what role does an active attitude play, particularly in times of crisis?

Our first DMEXCO report ever published takes an in-depth look at the results of our survey that we conducted within the global DMEXCO community in June 2020. In interviews with three experts, we also shed light on the challenges of working digitally and doing business more sustainably and address the question of how companies can build a buffer in order to be better prepared for future crises.

Here’s what awaits you in our new DMEXCO report:

  • Exclusive insights from our survey on the topic of attitude in the digital economy
  • Interviews with experts Dorothee Bär, German Minister of State for Digitalization, Eike Wenzel, head of ITZ (a German institute that researches trends and the future), and Claudia Hartwich, HR Director at Microsoft Deutschland
  • An essay on current issues related to attitude with thought-provoking input for continuing the discussion
The new DMEXCO report explores the topic of attitude in the digital economy.

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